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June 25, 2017, 11:46:24 AM
News: Welcome to Brizbass! Happy 2011!
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1  Events / Events - Brisbane / Junkyard Sessions: A-SIDES (UK) - 90s Hiphop+DNB - SUN JAN 25 Aus Day Eve - FREE on: January 20, 2015, 10:39:17 PM
Junkyard residents, DE LA HAYE & KOSHA D, are stoked to be joined by one of the most prolific and versatile drum'n'bass artists, the mighty A-SIDES (Metalheadz, Bassdrive, Basshead, Eastside)! Asides will be throwing down both a dnb and an old school hiphop set this Sunday - on Australia Day Holiday Eve.

From 9pm-2am selectors will be serving up the usual old school Hiphop, soulful liquid & deep Drum n Bass!

Free entry! Dresscode: 90s hiphop!

A-SIDES - UK (Metalheadz, Bassdrive, Basshead, Eastside)

A true veteran DJ, producer and engineer, A Sides has an epic collection of releases to his name making him one of the most prolific and versatile artists in drum & bass. Over the course of his extensive career, A Sides has never limited himself to a single style and has proved to be a highly capable selector whatever style he is drawing for.

Reaching out with a sound that has truly global appeal, A Sides continues to tour the world over and 2014 has seen him grace the turntables in places like Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Austria as well as Fabric and Plan B in London. Upcoming shows are also scheduled to take place in Ireland, Sardinia, Dubai, Holland, Belgium and Russia.

A Sides has been producing music since 1990 and has released well over 500 tracks to date across many of the scene’s biggest labels such as Metalheadz, Valve, True Playaz, Bingo, Innerground, Reinforced, Advanced, Liqweed Ganja, Spearhead and Hospital to name but a few. A Sides has a discography of truly epic proportions.

He established his own label Eastside Records in 1996 and has since put out over 85 releases, including two compilation albums (Eastside Jamz Volumes 1 & 2) as well as A Sides solo albums "Follow The Groove" "Worldwide" "Mysterious Vibes" “Based Upon Bass” and the most recent album album “Revisited” which will release in September 2014.

A highly accomplished engineer as well as an artist in his own right, A Sides has collaborated with the likes of Calibre, Makoto, DJ Marky, Break, Jo-S, Kemo, Deeizm, Mc Mc, Randall, Jenna G, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Omar, Shiela E, Vanessa Freeman, Goldie, Spikey Tee, Mayday, Kevin Field, Lady Leshurr and Nathan Haines (under the guise of Sci-Clone)

His long-standing partnership with MC Fats has borne some of his biggest tracks to date, including the massive hit "What U Don’t Know" which featured on A Sides’ debut long-player in 2003. For most of 2013 and 2014 he has been the figurehead behind a fundraising album for MC Fats who has been suffering with health problems related to diabetes. He has managed to put together an album with over 40 tracks from many high profile artists.

Those involved the We Gotcha project are S.P.Y, Makoto, Command Strange, Bailey, Serum & Bladerunner, D-Bridge, DJ Zinc, DJ Hype, Potential Bad Boy, Will Miles, Random Movement, Brother, DJ S.I.N, Crix, Cleveland Watkiss, Total Science, Calibre, Need For Mirrors, HLZ, Chef, Quadrant , Iris & Kid Hops, TC, Cabin Fever, Break & Die, Basher, Emery, Alix Perez, Emtek, LAOS, Mackadena, MC Random, XRS, Regina, Ego Trippin, Dom & Roland, Callide, Eveson, MR Joseph, R1 Productions, Marvell, John B & Mr Explicit.

A veteran of the scene from the early days, through hardcore to jungle to drum & bass, his influence has been immense. Over the years he’s taken on the role A&R for many labels, including of course his own imprints Fuze and Eastside, and was among the first to recognize and nurture the talent of producers such as Break.

Always moving forward and shaping new styles, in 2008 he established BassHead Music together with Juan BassHead aka DJ Burn to showcase the finest in alternative bass heavy beats.

After a successful debut (feat. 12th Planet and Skream) there have been releases from Otto Von Schirach, Noah D feat. Einstein, Datsik, Bassnectar, Silver, Bare, Break, Serum, North Base, Figure, Hulk, Zed's Dead & The Killabits. Following this a compilation album All Killer No Filler was also release seeing Basshead regulars stepping up alongside new artists such as Mr Explicit, Total Science, DJ Sneak, Jah Free and Agzilla.

Upcoming projects include a 14 track collaboration album with Japanese produce Makoto which they have been working on over the last 2 years. This highly anticipated album should see a full release in early 2015.

Finally after hearing the track “Teardown 2K14” from his latest album “Revisited” on pirate radio station Kool FM A Sides was approached by the legendary musical tastemaker Gilles Peterson who invited him to record a special Worldwide Mix which will be aired on Gilles Petersons Worldwide network in September 2014.
2  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: Chali 2na (J5), Grandmaster Flash + The House of Vibe - Fri Jan 2 @ HiFi on: December 29, 2014, 06:49:00 PM
Hit me up for cheap $35 tickets!
3  Events / Events - Brisbane / Chali 2na (J5), Grandmaster Flash + The House of Vibe - Fri Jan 2 @ HiFi on: December 29, 2014, 06:48:44 PM

Chali 2na & The House of Vibe and Grandmaster Flash - Brisbane - HiFi
Friday January 2nd

Master Wolf
Crooked Linez

Early Bird Tickets: $30+bf SOLD OUT
G.A: $38+bf
Doors: 8pm

Earth Frequency, Shucka Tours and Praxis are joining forces this summer to bring you an massive exclusive show of hip-hop legends - Chali 2na and the House of Vibe & Grandmaster Flash !


Founding member of hip-hop super-group Jurassic 5, and an esteemed artist in his own right, Chali 2na is one the undisputed kings of positive, conscious hip-hop. He'll be joined by the House of Vibe for a 4 piece band show.

Having performed twice to massively appreciative audiences at previous years at Island Vibe Festival, we are sure this will be a massive night of good vibes and good music with the 2na fish, and one not to miss !

Given the massive turnout to the J5 show earlier this year, we expect this to be a capacity crowd and we encourage you to get in early for tickets.


Grandmaster Flash is the Grammy nominated, award winning, Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame inductee who took the hip-hop world by storm and made it into the genre it is today.

During hip-hop’s nearly 30-year history, few names have become as well known to music lovers across the globe as that of Grandmaster Flash. Not only is he responsible for inventing the musical genre called hip-hop and a worldwide musical culture, but his pioneering use of the turntables make him the first DJ to play the turntables as a musical instrument thus helping to elevate the status of the DJ to a masterful, artistic position. He is responsible for assembling one of the earliest and greatest rap groups of all time Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – these are some of the hallmarks of a career which has extended from the Bronx in the early 1970s to all corners of the globe into the 21st century.

Joseph Saddler, professionally known as Flash, was born and raised in the Bronx. He developed his first crush on vinyl when he was just a boy playing with his father’s records. Studying one particular DJ, known as Kool Herc, who is one of his greatest influences apart from his very own father, led him to create and elevate this turntable art form as he developed such innovative and distinctive techniques. He was scientifically inventing and demonstrating such methods and concepts he collectively called “The Quick Mix Theory” which encompassed the innovative technique of “Cutting”, eventually laying the foundations for what became known as “Scratching”.

The hip-hop culture was created in 1971 by three DJs, Flash being one of them, and contrary to popular belief, the graffiti writers, the break dancers and the MCs followed much later. Flash recorded the unique sounds he created, and in 1977 began experimenting and collaborating with local MCs eventually putting together his own group who became known as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Their reputation grew around Flash’s unrivalled DJ skills and the group’s blending and trading of lyrics.

1981′s The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel was the first record to feature complex cuts and scratches, and introduced the name Grandmaster Flash as their originator. Following the group’s demise, Flash continued to make his mark by releasing solo albums, and was immortalized in Blondie’s hit song of 1980 Rapture: “Flash is fast, Flash is cool!” In this era Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five have released multi-million selling and ground breaking songs such as The Message andWhite Lines amongst others.

Grandmaster Flash played the 1998 Super Bowl and was invited by comedian Chris Rock to be the musical director for Rock’s groundbreaking HBO TV series, where Flash could be seen onscreen spinning during the show’s four-year run. He performed for the closing of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002 for more than 40 000 people, which included Prime Minister Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth. He is regularly headlining musical festivals and events with artists such as N*E*R*D, Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Missy Elliott and many more…

In 2002 Flash designed, launched and created the Grandmaster Flash Signature Empath mixer for Rane Corporation, adding to previous endorsements by Louis Vuitton, Helmut Lang, Native Instruments, Gemini Sound and Kangol caps.

Among his many awards are the Pioneer Award from Source Magazine, the New Music Seminar Hall of Fame Award, the DMC Hall of Fame Award, B.E.T.’s Diamond Award and Billboard Award. In June 2004 he was inducted into the Bronx Walk of Fame with a plaque dedicated at 161st street and the Grand Concourse, and a street named after him in New York.

In 2008 Flash released his much anticipated memoirs – penned by famed author David Ritz (who wrote Marvin Gayes and Ray Charles’ autobiographies) entitled The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash – My Life, My Beats! In 2009 Activion released one of the most successful computer games ever where Grandmaster Flash is taking a key role in the game beside Eminem and Jay Z – DJ Hero. And to top it all off, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in New York – as the first hip-hop artists ever!

With thirty awards under his belt, it is easy to see why this man is such an icon and great inspiration to many around the globe.
4  Events / Events - Brisbane / Junkyard Sessions present FUNKYARD Vol.1 - Sat Dec 13 @ Rumpus (free) on: December 09, 2014, 05:32:35 PM
Junkyard Sessions present FUNKYARD Vol.1


Funkafried flavas, brought to you by the Junkyard crew.
If you dig funk, soul and disco, you know what ya gotta do-
Get your bad selves down to Rumpus on Saturday night,
The vibe will be warm and the beats super tight.

JYS selectors, De la Haye and Kosha D,
Are stoked to be joined by the one like Kieron C.
The man’s been serving up dope jams for numerous years-
He'll ensure everyone gets down and be shakin' their rears.

We advise that cats rock up in their funkiest threads-
Retro dresses, flares, big collars and fros on their heads.

The Funkyard festivities will be kicking off at 8,
So get off your arses, making sure you ain’t late!

Dress FUNKY! Wear your best 70s fro and safari suit!

Free entry!

5  Events / Events - Brisbane / Junkyard Xmas Sessions: Morthotech, Kosha D + Delahaye - Sat Dec 6 @Rumpus on: December 05, 2014, 02:20:03 PM
Junkyard Xmas Sessions this Saturday December 6 at Rumpus Room

Santa is arriving early this year and his sack has copped a beating. All he has on offer is broken. Fortunately, his delivery to Rumpus will be beats- and we love 'em broken!

Junkyard residents, DE LA HAYE & KOSHA D, are stoked to be joined by MORTHOTECH for this months installment. Anyone who caught his set at the state titles of Home Grown Freqs will be excited to see the man in action again. If not, you missed out but can make amends by rocking along to this JYS. For more info, see his bio below.

From 8pm-2am selectors will be serving up the usual soulful liquid & deep Drum n Bass, rolling Jungle, UK Garage and Hip Hop vibes.

Free entry! No dress code!

Starting off as a huge vinyl addict and collecting music such as Hip-hop, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Ska, Reggae it wasn’t until Morthotech discovered his passion for Jungle / Drum & Bass that he started to take his mixing abilities as a DJ more seriously and starting his journey into Drum & Bass by creating BRISM (Brisbane Skanking Massive). Falling in love with the scene, the people, and the music, Mortho started to mix socially and was a support DJ in a few small gigs. Mortho then continued to meet like minded people and being a guest DJ on live streaming internet shows such as Badass Beats and Auzcast. It wasn’t long till he started running Auzcast shows from BRISM HQ and then was asked to join the PROPPA crew. As the journey continues, Mortho still aims to boost the Brisbane scene and build the family. Representing BRISM and PROPPA in his endless saga, which is Drum & Bass.
6  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: Natural NZ Music Festival - Sat Nov 29 @ Riverstage on: November 24, 2014, 03:38:39 PM
AND THEN.... Smiley

Announcing Natural's Official MASSIVE after party in Brisbane!

Saturday November 29 @ Woolly Mammoth
10.30pm to 5am


MC TIKI (Tiki Taane)
P DIGSSS (Shapeshifter)
DJ SAMBORA (Shapeshifter)
De la Haye  (Brizbass/Junkyard Sessions)
Method (Breaking Beats)
Kurrupt  (Bass Creepz)
Gedi (2014 Homegrown Freqs Aus DNB DJ Comp - QLD winner)
*Natural DJ Comp winner

J Mixx
Masta K
MC Loudmouth Len
*Natural DJ Comp winner

7  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: Brizbass Facebook Group on: November 06, 2014, 02:34:14 PM
Nov/Dec event list updated on the Brizbass group! BIG Saturday ahead with the Bass Fam BBQ #2! in West End Park from 1pm, followed by Junkyard Sessions: OPENEND (Canada), DUOS (Manifest), KOSHA D + DELAHAYE from 8pm-2am @ Rumpus

Also I have cheap tickets to the following:
Natural NZ Music Festival 2014 - Brisbane
Natural NZ Music Festival Official After Party Brisbane
Andromeda Festival 2014
Knife Party & ShockOne
Future Music Festival 2015

Check the list here >>
8  Events / Events - Brisbane / Bass Fam BBQ #2 - West End Park Saturday Nov 8 - 1pm on: November 05, 2014, 05:31:03 PM

The next Bass Fam BBQ will be at West End Park (pictured) and then afterwards we'll all kick-on up the road to the free Junkyard Sessions party at The Rumpus Room in west end.

After the success of the little generator and DJ setup last time, i'm definitely gunna have to do that again. So like last time, if anyone would like to play then get up and have a go. no set times just good times Smiley Perfect opportunity for anyone learning mixing and doesnt play out yet to get up and have a go! I'll try to get CDJ900s again i think.

I dont know exactly where about in the park we'll be just yet but ill aim for something with a nice sun/shade balance like last time. I'll let you all know closer to the date after I've gone down there for a scout!

BYO food and drink and awesome people. Cant wait!
9  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: Junkyard Sessions ft OpenEnd (Canada), Duos, Kosha D & Delahaye - Sat Nov 8 on: October 29, 2014, 03:40:34 PM
flyer up! Courtesy of 8M∆N designs Smiley

10  Events / Events - Brisbane / Natural NZ Music Festival - AFTER PARTY - Sat Nov 29 @ Woolly Mammoth on: October 28, 2014, 12:17:54 PM
Announcing Natural's Official MASSIVE after party in Brisbane!

Saturday November 29 @ Woolly Mammoth
10.30pm to 5am


MC TIKI (Tiki Taane)
P DIGSSS (Shapeshifter)
DJ SAMBORA (Shapeshifter)
De la Haye  (Brizbass/Junkyard Sessions)
Method (Breaking Beats)
Kurrupt  (Bass Creepz)
Gedi (2014 Homegrown Freqs Aus DNB DJ Comp - QLD winner)
*Natural DJ Comp winner

J Mixx
Masta K
MC Loudmouth Len
*Natural DJ Comp winner

*stay tuned to see how you can earn a spot on this dope line up!  rockon

11  Events / Events - Brisbane / Soulfest Afterparty - Sat Oct 25 @ Woolly Mammoth on: October 24, 2014, 02:26:26 PM

Sat 25 Oct - 10pm til Late

Featuring nine international acts including Mos Def, Common and Aloe Blacc plus the Australian debuts of neo-soul stars Maxwell, D Angelo, Anthony Hamilton, Angie Stone and Leela James, Soul Fest is billed as Australia’s first ever neo-soul, jazz and hip-hop festival.

The tour will land on Brisbane’s Riverstage on Oct 25th and the official festival party will be rocking on here at Woolly Mammoth from 10pm.

The after party promises a storming local line-up of Soul, Hip Hop and RnB late into the night inside Brisbane’s newest premier band room, the ‘Mane Stage’.

In addition to all this music, the Soulfest crew will be dropping in to hang. Psyched!



These fellas are a 6-piece mix of righteous Australian hip-hop, infused with dirty funk under tones and smooth three-part crooning verses. On-point flow, addictive keys and solid bass lines that are as big as they are bad-ass, perfectly combine with sweeping trumpet and chugging guitar tones to create a powerful sound that dominates the recorded and live domains.



Impossible Odds Records is at the forefront of Queensland Indigenous Music. In 2008 Fred Leone founded Impossible Odds Records with a focus of releasing Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists in the genres of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul from all over Australia.

Politically minded, with a view unique to urban First Nations Australia Impossible Odds brings fresh organic beats laced with intelligent and soulful lyrics.



Stop me if you've heard this before. “A world-class D.J. and three of the nicest emcees in Canada all boarded a Boeing 727 headed for Australia ...” Nope, this ain't no joke, it's for real.

Relic (2 time IMA wining emcee / Juno winning producer) Ghettosocks (ECMA winner/ Juno nominee)
Jeff Spec and DJ Jon Deck out of the nations capital, Ottawa.

These four fly half way around the globe to give you one of the livest hip hop shows around. Bringing the Woolly Mammoth a set of Canadian true school flavour, this show is a must see for hip hop heads.



Presenting an array of local soul/jazz & Hip Hop talent including singers Noah Slee, Russ Walker, Kel On Earth, Laneous, Bec Laughton, Captain Dreamboat, Georgia Potter, Jeunae & Ladi Abundance with a backing band featuring the members of Kooii, BNE RnB Jam Band, Bankrupt Billionaires, Astro Travellers & more!

- GOLDEN SOUND (Alehouse Stage)

Golden Sound is a vision created by Peter Golikov, 7 years ago, with the Focus being to produce a record, that encompasses fellow Talented Musicians, to create a body of Work that "Bathes Golden Rays of Sunshine on all those that Witness it".


DJ Katch (Resin Dogs)
DJ Trey (SoulFest Official Tour DJ)
Jazz Party DJ’s
The Gatling Gun
The Hon. Sarah Scott MP
DJ Ned Roy (DMC)
De La Haye


$15 on the door with SoulFest wristband (subject to availability)
$20 + bf presold via
More on the door for those without wristbands.

Head to the Soulfest website for more information.
12  Events / Events - Brisbane / Andromeda - Outdoor Festival - (dnb/techno/house/electronic) Nov 22-23 on: October 24, 2014, 02:23:24 PM
Andromeda Festival 2014 - new electronic outdoor festival coming up Nov 22-23. Bought to you by the guys behind White Rhino, LETS GET MINIMAL, Subtrakt Events & Kana Broadcasting - so you know it's gonna be good! After the awesomeness of Manifest recently I've got a taste for outdoor festivals again.. and I'll be playing some dnb at this too Who's keen?!

13  Events / Events - Brisbane / Island Vibe Festival - Fri Oct 31 - Sun Nov 2 @ Stradbroke Island on: October 24, 2014, 12:39:21 PM
Island Vibe Festival - Fri Oct 31 - Sun Nov 2 @ Stradbroke Island

14  Events / Events - Brisbane / DNB Arena ft The Upbeats, DC Breaks, Cyantific, Technimatic, MC 2SHY- Sat Oct 25 on: October 24, 2014, 12:37:02 PM
The Biscuit Factory X Drum&Bass Arena ft. The Upbeats + DC Breaks + Cyantific + Technimatic // Hosted by MC 2SHY

@ The old Arena
15  Events / Events - Brisbane / Junkyard Sessions ft OpenEnd (Canada), Duos, Kosha D & Delahaye - Sat Nov 8 on: October 24, 2014, 12:34:05 PM

Junkyard Sessions monthly take over Rumpus Room is back Saturday November 8!

Following on from the Bass BBQ in the arvo, our resident selectors, DE LA HAYE and KOSHA D, will be joined by guests, Canadian DJ/producer OpenEnd, as well as local DJ/producer Duos (Manifest)

From 8pm-2am we'll be serving up the usual soulful liquid & deep Drum n Bass, rolling Jungle, UK Garage and Hip Hop vibes.

Free entry! No dress code!

OPENEND (CANADA - The Supreme Hustle & 403DNB)
Reece Anderson aka OpenEnd (OE), hailing from some small Alberta town that you've probably never heard of, but bass-ed (!) out of YYC (Calgary,Canada), is on a mission to make you shimmy and get your girl's booty shaken'! Rooted in metal and hip hop, it wasn't until 2009 that OE discovered the love, positivity and 'Really Good' vibes that accompany the electronic music scene. OE followed the good vibrations (insert cheesy Beach Boys reference) to the bass-debauchery of Shambhala Music Festival in 2010, where the performances of legends Dieselboy, Noisia, Nero and Bassnectar left permanent bass-stains in his party pants.

Returning back to Alberta after his journey through the rabbit hole at Shambles (as it becomes affectionately referred to after your first experience), OE discovered he had been infected with a stereophonically transmitted dedication (STD) to electronic dance music (EDM) - later discovered to be incurable. As an outlet, OE got on the decks, eager to spread his EDM fever! OE and friends began injecting the infectious rhythms of hard drum & bass and flesh-eating drops of grimy dubstep into his local scene in Okotokes, Alberta, before gaining the confidence and support to make his move into the Calgary low-frequency market.

"He is my favourite DJ... and maybe even one of the best in the world," says Mrs. Anderson (OE's mom).

Now rolling with well-respected Calgary go-getters, the Surpreme Hustle crew, OE is making his presence in Calgary known and giving the city one more good reason to turn up the bass. After playing alongside heavyweights acts such as Friction, Noisia, Dieselboy, State Of Mind, Wilkinson, DC Breaks, Sub Zero, Tantrum Desire, Evol Intent, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Crissy Criss, TC, Phantasy, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, Bar9, SKisM, Camo & Krooked, Danny Byrd, Aphrodite, Mark Instinct, Delta Heavy, AK1200, Mat The Alien, Roksonix, Ill Gates & Original Sin to name a few. The dude has also made festival appearances at Shambhala / Motion Notion & 403DNBBQ. OE's heart beats at 175 BPM - which recently landed him a residency with the 403dnb squadron as well.

An excellent alternative to country music, OE throws down smooth, funky, swagged-out and FUN-ASS high-energy sets that get you bouncing like a 5 year old tweaking out on Pixie Sticks. Be warned, don't burn your tongue on this basslasagna, cause when the bass drops, it gets HOT!

Reece 'OpenEnd' Anderson is definitely one up-and-comer to watch for on the Western Canada bass-scene, and with any luck will soon be making more headlines than a corduroy pillow.

DUOS (Praxis/Manifest)
Duos is the Drum & Bass project of Brisbane based Dj/Producer James Millis. A fan of deep, rolling, techy monsters; he has rattled subwoofers alongside the likes of Andy C, Thriftworks, Icicle, Dj Yoda, Black Sun Empire, Bird of Prey, Spectrasoul, Quanta, State of Mind, Kalya Scintilla, The Upbeats, SPL & many more.

Pushing frequencies through sound systems at festivals such as: Eclipse, Earth Frequency, Manifest, Harmonize, Deliverance, Kuranda Roots & Island Vibe has allowed him to deliver his Neuro/Ragga sound to an ever growing audience of bass connoisseurs.

Whatever the mood the theme is constant, quality underground electronica with a smear of psychedelics, a dollop of wobble and a silly amount of low end.

KOSHA D (Junkyard)

DE LA HAYE ( / Junkyard Sessions)
16  Events / Events - Brisbane / Natural NZ Music Festival - Sat Nov 29 @ Riverstage on: October 09, 2014, 05:15:03 PM
I have cheap tickets to this if anyone needs any Smiley

Natural Touring presents Natural NZ Music Festival’s first-ever Brisbane show.

Natural Touring is proud to announce it will, for the first time, bring its Natural NZ Music Festival to Brisbane’s iconic Riverstage on Saturday November 29.

The largest showcase of premier Kiwi music outside of New Zealand, Natural Director, Brian Terry, says that after four years, it was time to add an additional show to the bill and is stoked to be treating Queenslanders to this special all-Kiwi music event.

Having already showcased top NZ acts in the past, the 2014 Natural NZ Music Festival line-up is its best yet, featuring drum & bass powerhouse, Shapeshifter, NZ music legend, Dave Dobbyn, reggae-funk outfit, The Black Seeds, roots-reggae heavy weights, House of Shem and Sons of Zion, hip-hop masters Scribe and P-Money, as well as pop-rock songstress, Anika Moa.
"It's really exciting to bring Natural to Queensland because when I originally dreamt up the concept in 2010, I was one of many thousands of Kiwis living in the Sunshine State, so I know the place well,” says Brian.

“Queensland has the highest population of cuzzies in the country, so it just makes sense," he says.

"And when we were thinking of a Queensland venue, Riverstage was the only option- it’s iconic, very central and only a walk away from two train stations.”

“The success of this festival really is a testament to Kiwi passion for their homeland and our music is an important way that we stay connected with Aotearoa (New Zealand),” says Brian.

"I think we have genres sorted this year as reggae, Hip-Hop and DnB are so strong at the moment and we have some big guns repping all of those, plus a couple of legends in Dave Dobbyn and Anika Moa.”

Natural NZ Music Festival will also play in its home city of Perth, appearing for the fourth time at Perth’s Red Hill Auditorium on November 22.

Tickets for Natural NZ Music Festival are available now from

Facebook event link:

17  Events / Events - Brisbane / Renewable presents Dynamic Resolution on: October 09, 2014, 05:11:01 PM

Renewable presents Dynamic Resolution @ Deluxe (two rooms)

This Friday night. October 10.

Renewable NRG is bringing you once again a packed fulled night of dynamic resolutions with the sounds of Hard Trance, Hard House, NRG and Drum & Bass

Main Room -


Jody 6 has over 120 releases on top hard house record labels including Vicious Circle, Fireball, Nukeluz, Insomniacz, Storm, and Toolbox . His energetic take on hard house has resulted in big name DJs including Paul Glazby, Andy Farley,Dave Digital-Mafia Jackson , Ben Stevens, and Adam M regularly spinning his tracks around the world.

After beginning his music career as a producer, he progressed into DJing, starting of as a resident at the Tokyo super club - Code.

Jody 6’s unique blend of uplifting hard house has resulted in his demand to headline at leading events around the world such as Frantic and Storm in the UK, Frantic, and NRGetic Romancer in Japan, and Hard House Reunion, Frantic, Fevah, and Hardbeat in New Zealand.

In his home of Australia, Jody 6 has headlined at major raves throughout the country including System 6 in Adelaide, Frantic in Sydney, Electrified in Perth, Energise in Melbourne and Renewable NRG and Hardbeat in Brisbane.

To listen to his tracks check out:


Justin Charge made his introduction onto the QLD Hard House community in 2006. He quickly became popular for his euphoric, powerful, energetic DJ sets.

Playing at many major events all over Australia, New Zealand and in Japan.

Justin is making his mark in the production world by making great tracks that rock the floor and gets the people moving.

His numerous signings are being played across the world and are getting the huge thumbs up from the entertainers behind the wheels of steel - Justin Bourne, Paul Glazby, Adam M, Nik Denton, Jody 6, Ben Stevens, David Ding, High Dosage & many more...

You can be sure when he's on the wheels of steel he will live up to his name and take CHARGE!

To listen to his tracks check out:



Pusher of Chunk with big doses of Funk. That’s the name of the game when Ikki gets to throw down a warm-up set.

Armed with Bootlegs, B-sides and cheeky WTF's, the man behind Erupt Radio on’s Hard Dance channel will have you sorted for the start of your night.

To find his mixes, check out the following link


Matty B aka kiWoD has been in and around the Brisbane dance music scene since 2000, attending local and interstate events across Australia.

Having always had a passion to learn the mastery of the trade, kiWoD purchased some equipment and began his journey.

KiWoD has been gracing the decks at house parties, regular sets on the former and a set at's 2nd birthday party.

Churning out the pumping sounds of Hard House, Hard NRG, and Hard Trance, his inspiration comes from producers/DJ's such as Paul Glazby, Lisa Lashes, Manik, Ben Stevens, Rodi Style, Captain Tinrib, P.A.S, Hilz'E, Grady G, Defective Audio, Random But Raw, Steve Hill, and Nick Sentience.

To find his mixes, check out the following link

Drum & Bass Zone -


Musician, DJ and electronic music enthusiast alike, Sub-Session aka Dave Allen currently lives and resides in Brisbane. During the weekend, you can find him roaming various entertainment venues, both in the booth and on the dance floor. On every level, Sub-Session loves entertaining people and creating a positive party feel-good atmosphere with his infectious dance grooves.

Sub-Session first started mixing tunes in 2003. He took out of the bedroom and began playing professionally late in 2005. He has played in some of more well-known night spots in Brisbane as local support, plus various other venues around the world. In 2013, Sub-Session proudly became a part of the ‘Renewable NRG’ label with his long-time friend Sonic Roksta. Together they have hosted some of the hottest parties in Brisbane to date. And continue to do so, keeping the underground side of EDM both fresh and organic.

A very active member of his local dance community, Sub-Session enjoys mixing a wide range of EDM genres. Today, this translates into sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of this music that he loves best: beautiful synth work, ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hooks. His ability to be versatile and play different styles allows him to incorporate and bring a new freshness to his sets. This enables him to play to a wider audience and cover most of the varying tastes that punters enjoy.

For me, it’s all about the mood…Playing those tracks that get your feet tapping and your head nodding regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date.



New Zealand born and raised Kim De La Haye aka DJ de la Haye, has been one of the most hardworking and energetic members of the Brisbane broken-beat scene, since moving to Australia in 2000. With track selection, mixing, and a smile that sets any dancefloor ablaze, de la Haye is a regularly booked DJ, not to mention one of the scene's leading promoters.

Before discovering jungle in ’96, Kim’s early musical influences ranged from soul, funk, reggae and hiphop to rock, punk and metal. Perhaps in this, we find the blue print for her versatility. Whether its dub or ragga vibes, driving techstep darkness, complex drum choppage, or rolling liquid sounds, de la Haye's drum’n’bass sets offer something for all tastes.

All of this has not gone unnoticed by other promoters, as de la Haye continues to amass an impressive DJ resume. From being a regular at local events (e.g. Rude Bwoyz, Phat Albeats, BassCreepz, Praxis, Dub Thugs, Adicts, Shifty), Kim's cross-genre appeal has also seen her feature at many non-DnB raves and festivals (e.g. Defqon.1, Earthcore, ReAnimator, Mayhem, System 6, Island Vibe Reggae Festival, BBQ Breaks, Shhh, Deliverance, Manifest, Blah Blah Blah). She has played all around Australia and New Zealand, as well as the 2009, 2011 and 2012 Sun and Bass Festivals in Sardinia Italy, the 2010 Paradise in Bali Festival, UK and Hong Kong.

What cannot be understated is Kim's massive contribution to promoting in the Brisbane broken-beat community over the past 9 years. In 2002 she co-promoted the weekly Freestyle event at Red Room - Uni of Qld, in 2003 formed the female DJ crew 'Junglettes', in 2004 began the dub and jungle nights 'Ragga'd' and 'Offshoots of Reggae’, and in 2005 started the hard DnB/Dubstep night 'Rukus' alongside SpeakerWrath. Through both collaborations with other local crews and on her own, de la Haye’s events have hosted most of the international DnB acts that have come through Brisbane since. This incredible and often solo effort has been a driving force and integral part in the growth of this scene in Brisbane.

De La Haye is one busy lady, also managing the Brizbass event mailing list and local broken-beat website that she founded in September 2008, and regularly playing hiphop, funk/soul, reggae, garage and house sets as well. However her main focus for 2012 is to lend more time to production. Given the accomplishments and talent shown so far, where she will go from here no one can predict

To find her mixes, check out the following link


Based in Brisbane Australia, IncArN8 has been Djing for over 10 years and has only recently started producing, with focus on a unique heavy bass sound and extensive experience behind the decks, a release & now the owner of free label you can expect big things in the near future.

To listen to his tracks check out:



Tickets are available on the door $10.00

18+ EVENT - ID required - RAVE FRIENDLY

247. Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

18  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: Junkyard Sessions: DDOG (NZ) + Homegrown DNB DJ COMP-Qld Finalists - Sat Oct 11 on: October 09, 2014, 04:50:36 PM
And the Twisted Audio Homegrown FreQs AUS DNB DJ Comp - QLD results are in! Say hello to our Queensland finalists Smiley
Congrats to all! Great mix of vinyl/cdj entries + different styles. The Qld final will be held this Saturday from 6-9pm at Rumpus Room (Official) right before Junkyard Sessions w/ Ddog (NZ) from 9-2. FREE ENTRY to both. More info soon.

Finalists in no particular order:
Gedi Dnb
House of Joy
Fishy Business
Zandatsu Soiree

Judged by: Foxley (2013 AUS/Qld champ), Milly Shucka, De la Haye + YOU (crowd response is 1/4 of the categories) so come down and show your support over a pint and a yiros and watch our finalists battle it out!

20 min sets each.
And judged on: Creativity, Musicality, Technical skill and Overall Performance/Crowd Response
19  Events / Events - Brisbane / BRIZBASS EVENT LIST: OCTOBER/NOVEMBER on: October 09, 2014, 04:32:20 PM
Brizbass event list updated! Lots on this weekend including the Brisbane final for the AUS DNB DJ Comp. Show your support, get down to Rumpus Room this Saturday 6-9pm and watch them battle it out over a pint & a yiros followed by Junkyard Sessions with Ddog (NZ) 9-2.

Also the Natural NZ Music Festival line up has now been announced finally! And isn't it niiiice Smiley Smiley Hit me up via message for cheap tickets! (Nov 29)



Birds @ Rumpus Room – De La Haye, Sezzo + Frankie Trouble (free fortnightly)

:: FRIDAY OCT 10 ::

Renewable – Dynamic Resolution @ Deluxe – two rooms (dnb/nrg)

Dub Temple presents SHABBA @ Milk Factory (ex The Joynt) (free bass/hiphop/dancehall weekly)


6-9pm > Homegrown FreQs – DNB DJ Comp QLD Finals @ Rumpus Room – followed by
9pm-2am > JUNKYARD SESSIONS feat DDOG (NZ) @ Rumpus Room


Datsik + Secret guest @ Biscuit Factory

:: SUNDAY OCT 12 ::

Dub Temple Recs pres Groove Spot (free weekly) 4-9pm @ Depo


Milky Fun Times – hospo night @ The Milk Factory – DNB!

:: FRIDAY OCT 17 ::

Dub Temple presents SHABBA @ Milk Factory (ex The Joynt) (free weekly)


BNE: Brisbane Independent Electronic Music Production - BOOK LAUNCH + Jen-e Mix @ GOMA 2pm


Birds @ Rumpus Room – De La Haye, Sezzo + Frankie Trouble (free fortnightly)

:: FRIDAY OCT 24 ::

Dub Temple presents SHABBA @ Milk Factory (ex The Joynt) (free weekly)
The Kush Club Allstars @ TBC Club


DNB ARENA: The Upbeats, Technimatic, Cyantific, DJ Breaks @ Biscuit Factory

:: FRIDAY OCT 31 ::

ISLAND VIBE FESTIVAL, Stradbroke Island (OCT 31-NOV 2)

Dub Temple presents SHABBA @ Milk Factory (ex The Joynt) (free weekly)

SAT NOV 8 >> BASS BBQ (arvo) tba + Junkyard Sessions @ Rumpus Room after
SAT NOV 8 >> Bass Forest Festival (GC)
NOV 22-23 >> ANDROMEDA – Outdoor Festival (dnb/electronic/house/techno etc)
SAT 29 NOV >> NATURAL NZ MUSIC FESTIVAL @ Riverstage (hit me up for cheap tickets!)
SAT 29 NOV >> NATURAL NZ MUSIC FESTIVAL After Party @ Woolly Mammoth (old Coniston Lane) over 2 rooms – tba soon!
JAN 2 >> CHALI 2NA (Jurassic5) + The House of Vibe @ HIFI
20  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: Homegrown FreQs: AUS DNB DJ COMP - Qld entries due Oct 4 / Final Oct 11 on: October 02, 2014, 04:01:17 PM
Qld DNB DJs: The entry due date has been extended one more day! Entries are now due this Sunday October 5th 11:59pm. So 4 more days to get your entries in!

Our 2013 Qld winner Foxley went on to win the Australian final. That could be YOU!  Cheesy
21  Events / Events - Brisbane / Junkyard Sessions: DDOG (NZ) + Homegrown DNB DJ COMP-Qld Finalists - Sat Oct 11 on: September 25, 2014, 03:24:44 PM
Junkyard Sessions Monthly take over Rumpus Room next Saturday October 11!

Our resident selectors, DE LA HAYE and KOSHA D, are excited to be joined by guest DJ, the mighty DDOG, head of NZ's longest running DNB night Bass Frontiers.

Junkyard will be kicking off slightly earlier this time with the Homegrown FreQs - AUS DNB DJ COMP - Qld Finalists on from 6-9pm. Our 2013 Qld winner Foxley went on to win the Australian title last year, and will be appearing as one of our guest judges, alongside De la Haye and Milly (Shucka)

From 9pm-2am we'll be serving up the usual soulful liquid & deep Drum n Bass, rolling Jungle, UK Garage and Hip Hop vibes. Free entry! No dress code!

Twisted Audio’s ‘Homegrown FreQs’ is back again for another year to uncover Australia’s freshest untapped talent. Once again we have teamed up with some of the most respected crews from around the country to bring you the opportunity to showcase your skills and for one DJ to be crowned Australia’s Homegrown FreQ for 2014! The 2014 champion will also be flown to Melbourne for a set at Tribe Festival alongside some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass.

DDOG (Bass Frontiers/WMD/Fried Chicken/Future Funk Radio Active-NZ)
Bass Frontiers:
Future Funk:

DDog is renowned as an experienced, skilled, fun and versatile DJ and has been destroying Wellingtons dancefloors for over 10 years with his unique, upfront, heavyweight party sounds. Beginning as a drum and bass dj he quickly took over the capital scene in the late nineties with Bass Frontiers, a brand that saw the city experience an unprecedented level of high quality events featuring international dj's of the highest calibre on a regular basis. He has Promoted and playing alongside the biggest and most legendary names in the world of DnB Marky, Andy C, Friction, Goldie, Dillinja, Zinc, Calibre, Hype, Chase and Status plus many many more and of course Aotearoa's best Concord Dawn, State of Mind, The Upbeats, Bulletproof. He has been resident at legendary Wellington clubs Studionine/Subnine, Sandwiches, Stage/Phoenix as well as hosting New Zealands longest running drum and bass radio show Future Funk on Radioactive FM.

Alongside DJ Marek, DDog also fronts Wellingtons most notorious multi genre party brand, Fried Chicken Sound System. With Fried Chicken he has supported Rusko, Dizzee Rascal, Dead Prez, Sinden, Mt Eden, The Beatnuts, Dirtyphonics, Homebrew and The Nextmen. Fried Chicken showcases a diverse range of buck wild crunk party sounds, rap, garage, bass, dubstep, house music and crazy bootlegs/party edits drawing on many influences from Marek and DDog's long careers as DJ's.

KOSHA D (Junkyard Sessions)

DE LA HAYE ( / Junkyard Sessions)
22  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: Homegrown FreQs - The National DnB Mixing competition 2014 on: September 04, 2014, 05:08:21 PM

Here's the Brisbane event link:

Who's entering this year?! You have 4 weeks to get your entries in! Smiley
23  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: Junkyard Sessions: Kosha D, Delahaye + Mickey Dubs! This Sat 6/9 @ Rumpus on: September 04, 2014, 03:52:06 PM
Set times for Saturday:

9pm - Kosha D
10pm - Kosha D + De la Haye
12am - Mickey Dubz
1-2am Kosha D + De La Haye

We have a limited number of Junkyard t-shirts left too if anyone's keen? $30. Mostly girl sizes, but a couple of guys sizes too
24  Events / Events - Brisbane / Junkyard Sessions: Kosha D, Delahaye + Mickey Dubz! This Sat 6/9 @ Rumpus on: September 04, 2014, 03:50:24 PM

Junkyard Sessions DJs
take over Rumpus Room once again, bringing our eclectic bass heavy goodness, Saturday September 6.

Our resident selectors, DE LA HAYE and KOSHA D fresh from Jamaica, are joined by guest DJ and Proppa badman MICKEY DUBZ!

Selectors will be serving up soulful liquid & deep Drum n Bass, rolling Jungle and Hip Hop vibes, from 9 until 2.

Free entry! No dress code!

Mickey Dubz is a true Junglist. It all started when he heard a Kool FM tape at school in 96. In 98 he started mixing and soon found himself at his local record store every week. After moving to Brisbane he linked up with the Basscreepz. From there he went on to support some of the biggest names in Jungle / Drum & Bass, guest mix's on RDU FM (Christchurch, New Zealand), Metro FM. In 2012 Mickey started a weekly Saturday night show on Auzcast ( In 2013 Mickey was approached by Kool FM ( He now holds down a weekly show on the original foundation station. You can catch Mickey live on Kool Saturdays at 12pm & Auzcast Saturdays at 8:30pm

KOSHA D (Junkyard Sessions)

DE LA HAYE ( / Junkyard Sessions)
25  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: Future Shorts Film Fest + Flow Doco Trailer - 5pm this Sat 23rd @ Flying Cock on: August 22, 2014, 01:25:54 PM
Tomorrow! 5-8pm for the films, music after.

Get your ticket here:
26  Events / Events - Brisbane / ALIX PEREZ (UK) this Saturday August 23 @ Coniston Lane on: August 20, 2014, 04:33:25 PM

Shucka Tours & Breaking Beats Proudly Present


Local Support from: Doefriend
Samson Dynamite
De La Haye

Ticket on sale from from $20 + Bf


Belgian born Alix Depauw is the face behind production stature Alix Perez, now regarded as one of the most ground breaking and innovative producer-DJ of his generation. Shortly after his debut release, Alix sees himself catapulted to the fore front of the drum and bass scene carrying an ever growing reputation and sought after catalogue of music.

With a history of critically acclaimed releases on legendary labels such as Metalheadz, V recordings and Soul:R, Alix goes on to sign exclusively to Friction's very own imprint Shogun Audio, the home of his remarkable debut album "1984". Straying from the traditional confines of Drum and Bass, 1984 goes onto be one of the most highly anticipated and rated electronica albums of 2009 and beyond, gaining extraordinary reviews and extensive support globally.

With collaborations ranging from legendary soul vocalist Peven Everett to lyricists Foreign Beggars, 1984's prominence in the history of drum and bass is further cemented with chart topping positions and rare reviews in publications such as the Metro, Mixmag and more. This leads onto remixes for staple labels such as Ninja Tunes for household names such as DJ Food, Hadouken and more.
27  Events / Events - Brisbane / Future Shorts Film Fest + Flow Doco Trailer - 5pm this Sat 23rd @ Flying Cock on: August 19, 2014, 08:56:26 PM
Future Shorts Film Festival from 5pm this Saturday August 23 @ The Flying Cock. Short films, food, live music, bean bags and the trailer for Flow - DJ Angus aka DJ Bribe documentary. Free drink included with movie ticket!

Take an adventure around the world minus the dent to your bank account, with Future Shorts Film Festival - the ultimate destination. Having explored 90 other countries in the world, this travelling pop up film festival features award-winning short films from across the globe. Future Shorts Film Festival is an opportunity for good times, good food, good company and great short films. Doors open at 5pm for a 5.20pm departure.


The Flying Cock is the latest feather in the cap of Fortitude Valley’s dining and drinking scene. This gastropub has a rich history dating back to the 1920’s and will be a tribute to this legacy, with stripped back interiors and a rustic fit out.

****HOSTED by MyCityLife.

MyCityLife is the latest addition to the social scene as an online lifestyle magazine presenting a comprehensive online menu of Whatson and What-to-do in South East Queensland. MyCityLife highlights all facets of urban counterculture and lifestyle, from local experiences in food, drink, at play, shopping and relaxing in an informed and quirky manner.


The Flying Cock will provide a range of foods, from burgers to popcorn to knock your feathers out. For vegetarians, meat-free options are available too.


General admission is $20 with a drink included in your entry. With limited seating, it’s first in, best dressed. Eat while you watch: for an extra $20, add on a sublime menu of food. For added comfort, purchase a bean bag for $25 and position yourself front and centre. The ultimate comfort package is $65, which gets you entry, 1 drink, 1 bean bag, 3 artists, 10 different food options and 8 short films.
Buy tickets at



Universe Returns are unique avant garde artists adding to the local soundscape.

Specialising in Folktronica and Experimental, multi-instrumentalists Dave Hethorn and Liam Buchanan share microphone duties on ukulele and guitar from the stage with a highly original sound that explores Folk Industrial Electronica. As renowned performed in the local gig scene, Universe Returns are also currently writing and recording new material and crafting their unique futuristic sounds, including collaborations with The Producers Club.


Techno wunderkind Christopher Brooks is pioneering the latest wave of local electronic artists breaking the mould. With his background as a Bachelor of Music Technology student from the Queensland Conservatorium, Christopher lays claims to advanced skills in all aspects of sound production and music composition with his live set exploring the realms of cinematic electronica and experimental music. Christopher’s talents have already been acknowledged, with his EP ‘Sweet Madness’ receiving support from some of the world’s top producers, including Hernan Cattaneo and others and is now signed to local digital label, Buxton Records.


Signed to Exit, Foxy/Moron is a homegrown electronic synth/beat and sample artist who loves Twin Peaks, Dolly Parton, brutal beats and Burial.


Enjoy after party vibes with tunes from The Flying Cock’s house band, bound to keep you dancing all night long.

Visit for more information

28  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: DMC World DJ Championship (Qld) + DJ Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners/NYC) FRI 15 AUG on: August 15, 2014, 01:26:11 PM

Tonight at Coniston Lane!

Come see our finalists battle it out for the QLD DMC title! Doors open from 9pm with DJ Katch, finalists start 10:15.

Set times:
9pm DJ Katch
10:15pm QLD DMC Finalists: Nikk C, Wil.K, Plotskione, MrRain (order tbc just before)
11pm TOTAL ECLIPSE (NYC / The X-Ecutioners)
12am QLD DMC winner announced + DJ Bacon until close

Finalists (in no particular order):

QLD DMC Finalist #1 : WIL.K
The returning champion will be back to defend his title from last year. A Battle DJ for 8 years, also the 2006 Redbull Xpozay Mix Champ and 2007 NZ Beatdown Scratch Champs, Wil.K will be taking to the next level to smash it with some super tight cuts.

QLD DMC Finalist # 2 : Dj Plotskione

DJ Plotskione has 20 years of DJing under his belt, and plays his turntables like an instrument. His extensive record collection, coupled with his passion for Hip-Hop and superstar scratching skills is what will make DJ Plotskione a stand out in this year’s heats.

QLD DMC Finalist #3 : DJ MrRain

Only recently becoming a big part of the club scene, DJ MrRain has played along a lot of big names such as Komes, Press Play, Some Blonde, Will Sparks and Timmy Trumpet! Rocking his electro house style with a twist, he really does know how to blow the roof off some places!

QLD DMC Finalist #4 : Nikk C
2006 Scribble Jam QLD Champ
2008 DMC QLD Champ
With over ten years behind the decks and 2 state titles, NIKK-C has always been an active participant in the Brisbane DJ battle circuit. NIKK-C is also known for his DJ duties in The Coalition Crew and member of The Fader F*uckerz turntable posse. As a resident Dj at Brisbane's Treasury Casino, NIKK-C's sets are a dynamic combination of funky and technical turntablism with track selections spanning many genres.
Nikk C Live in store @ REHAB


29  Events / Events - Brisbane / BIRDS - Tonight (Thurs Aug 14) @ Rumpus Room - free midweek bass fix on: August 14, 2014, 11:58:28 AM
Mid week bass fix!! Birds tonight @ Rumpus Room, West End

9pm - Frankie Trouble
10:30pm - Sezzo
12-2am - De la Haye

Free entry!

30  Events / Events - Brisbane / Re: DMC World DJ Championship (Qld) + DJ Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners/NYC) FRI 15 AUG on: August 14, 2014, 11:37:07 AM
Judges for this Friday night are DJ Total Eclipse, Katch, Rola D, Damage, and DJ Bacon!

NYC DJ Total Eclipse will also be showcasing a club set X-Ecutioner style!!

Defending the QLD title is the man DJ WIL.K (2006 Redbull Xpozay Mix Champ, 2007 NZ Beatdown Scratch Champ & 2013 QLD DMC Champ).

WIL.K interview:
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