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July 22, 2017, 08:42:33 PM
News: Welcome to Brizbass! Happy 2011!
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1  Tunes / Production / Technical / Artilect new EP & DJ Bailey Ressurection mix on Vivid Sounds on: June 21, 2017, 06:11:30 AM
Artilect new EP & DJ Bailey Ressurection mix on Vivid Sounds

Artilect delivers a banging deposit of a 4 track EP -  Fractal!
Strong, powerful, hardcore drum and bass-ism!

ARTILECT (real name Dylan) began in Manchester–UK in the mid 1990s as a lover of hip-hop first. His passion for breakbeats lead him down the enticing road to Hardcore and Jungle music. An appreciation and admiration of all electronic music was developed during that decade, from Detroit sounds to Acid Techno, he soaked it all up. Fast forward to right now and this boiler pot of bass and beats, jolted by his obvious influences from dark and moody, yet luxurious sonics, displays scrupulous knowledge of drum & bass where influences from his first loves are evident. It’s all about the interaction of the elements that make these tracks so delectable. Drum and bass funk in its finest.
Who can argue with the style and selection when you get on the Rupture DJ roster!

Pre-order now


01. Artilect feat. Buda Mindset - Way Back
02. Artilect - The Beacon
03. Artilect - Prey
04. Artilect - Fractal


And here's the legendary

Bailey - Resurrection Mix

This man needs no introduction. Resident Metalheadz DJ, co-founder of Soul In Motion Ldn, Serato Artist and Mi-Soul radio, BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio 1, Ministry of Sound Radio presenter.
Bailey’s skills when he’s behind the turntables are shockingly fascinating, a true mixologist and staunch stalwart. This is why Vivid Sounds wanted him to do a mix compilation of tracks from way back when. Resurrection features tracks from Rufige Kru, Dillinja, Jonny L, Dylan, Danny Breaks, Nucleus and Paradox and more, and was released in November 2016. This mix garnered nostalgia from drum and bass heads around the globe as well as top star ratings from DJs and producers


Buy now:

01. Rufige Kru - Lost Rufige
02. Saburuko - Cairo
03. Dylan - Desolation
04. Dylan - Witchcraft
05. Rufige Kru - Dark Metal
06. Nucleus & Paradox - Esoteric Funk
07. Nucleus & Paradox - Esoteric Funk Pt.2
08. Jonny L - Running
09. Dungeon Master - The Crawler
10. Danny Breaks - The Bear
11. Saburuko - London
12. Dillinja - So Damn Tuff
13. Dillinja - All Aboard
14. Jonny L - Spike
15. Nucleus & Paradox - Exoteric
16. Danny Breaks - Crime Mutations
17. Dylan & Damage - Bass Kick
18. Future Prophecies - Electronic Funk
19. Dylan & Mason - Bass Kick Remix
20. Future Prophecies - Bring The Noise

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2  Tunes / Mixes / Live sets / Podcasts / Radio Shows / Splash Heads latest mix and booking info! on: January 15, 2017, 07:15:41 AM

You probably heard of the hot duo called Splash Heads and their massive releases on Blackout and Eatbrain!
They also got some heavy stuff coming soon on Renegade Hardware, so make sure to follow them Wink

Tune in and enjoy their latest mix they did for Sinuous Records!

Splash Heads are available for Bookings and ready to splash you with some proper drum & bass!

To book Splash Heads, contact me on:

For daily drum & bass news check me out on:
3  Tunes / Production / Technical / I:A / Inception Audio: Khords & R381 - Unidentified LP on: December 13, 2016, 07:49:49 AM
I:A / Inception Audio: Khords & R381 - Unidentified LP [IA008LP]

Above me I saw something I did not believe at first. Well above the haze layer of the earth's atmosphere were additional faint thin bands of blue, sharply etched against the dark sky. They hovered over the earth like a succession of halos.




4  Tunes / Production / Technical / Re: Best Of 10 Years Future Sickness on: July 03, 2016, 11:37:27 PM
Tune into Sickcast X with COOH on a special 10 years Future Sickness megamix!!

Also make sure to check and order new Future Sickness T-shirt
5  Tunes / Production / Technical / Best Of 10 Years Future Sickness on: June 20, 2016, 05:49:35 AM
Best Of 10 Years Future Sickness

We are very proud to present our "Best of 10 Years Future Sickness" limited edition double cd!

Comes in a sick 4 panel wallet with 2 cd's:
Disk 1: darkstep/drum&bass containing 11 tracks
Disk 2: crossbreed containing 12 tracks

Pre-order now:
Release date: 4th of July

01. Current Value - Running
02. Counterstrike & Mumblz - Sickness & Suffering (Donny Remix)
03. Cooh - Black Monday VIP
04. C.A.2K & Cooh - Wasp
05. Current Value & Raiden - Scrapyard
06. Current Value & Donny - Nightmare Man (SPL Remix)
07. Freqax & Ogonek-OMG
08. Katharsys - Train Wreck
09. Lucio De Rimanez - Rising Of Rhinos
10. Absurd and C.A.2K - Room number one (Hardcore Fire)
11. Damage Inc - Blackball

12. Detest - Every Second VIP
13. DJ Hidden - Einstein
14. Fragz & Deathmachine - Necessary Evil
15. Hallucinator - Violent Content
16. Noize Punishment - Riotbringer (Forbidden Society Remix)
17. Switch Technique - Origin of Life
18. Shmidoo - Autopsy
19. Max Shade & Ogonek - Metafluid
20. C.A.2K - Matrix (Katharsys Remix)
21. Lowroller - Bottomless Grave
22. Triamer & Nagato - Into The Dark
23. SA†AN - Bad Motherfucker


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6  Tunes / Production / Technical / Basic Forces - Get Lucky/Reach It [Vivid Sounds] on: June 20, 2016, 05:38:47 AM
Basic Forces - Get Lucky/Reach It [Vivid Sounds]

Basic Forces is back on Vivid Sounds with a two track EP. Originally known for his light, liquid vibes, he's delving into a harder, bigger sound, yet still keeping with the musical vibes. These tracks offer beat driven sounds sure to satisfy people who like their music with a bit of spike, yet still keeping a soft edge.
Get Lucky V Reach It tows the line between soulful piano chords with punchy drum breaks, and the experimental sounds of D&B with large amounts of space to feel like you're literally riding the sonics!

Exclusive on Beatport


01. Basic Forces - Get Lucky

02. Basic Forces - Reach It

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7  Tunes / Production / Technical / I:A / Inception:Audio - Planet I:A Album [IACD02] on: May 01, 2016, 12:50:02 AM
I:Λ / Inception:Audio - Planet I:Λ Album [IACD002]

I:Λ Inception:Audio - Planet I:Λ

01. Khords & R381 - Flastag Dream
02. Khords & R381 - 3 Colors
03. Chet Matuto - Keep My Secret
04. Kije - Everything
05. Picota & Kumbh - Tiki Origins
06. Gremlinz & Apostroph - Trials Of Osiris
07. Displaced Paranormals & Tom SMall - Confusion
08. Displaced Paranormals & Tom SMall - Synchronize
09. Displaced Paranormals & Torn - Orbit
10. Psycho Mantis - Obituary
11. Outrage - Talkers
12. DBR UK - Sound Killer

Order CD now:

Download Digital on Juno:

Listen on Soundcloud:


8  Tunes / Production / Technical / Damage Inc - Blackball Remixes EP [Future Sickness-SICK022] on: February 21, 2016, 11:29:34 PM
Damage Inc - Blackball Remixes EP [Future Sickness - SICK022]

The South African duo Damage Inc have stepped up to the table with yet another huge hard-step, energetic drum n bass tune.
If the original wasn't great enough we added remixes from artists all across the world.
From Venezuela (Zardonic) to Bulgaria (Cooh) and Russia (Gancher & Ruin).
Every remix is unique in it's own way. Every artist adapted the remix with their specific style and it's a very unique remix EP to listen to.

A/ Damage Inc - Blackball (Original Mix)
B/ Damage Inc - Blackball (Cooh Remix)
C/ Damage Inc - Blackball (Zardonic Remix)
D/ Damage Inc - Blackball (Gancher & Ruin Remix)


Also available in all other stores! Wink

Listen here:

Follow us for more Wink

9  Tunes / Production / Technical / Re: Future Sicknes: Lowroller [SICK021 vinyl/digital out now!] on: July 01, 2015, 10:07:30 PM
Future Sickness Records T-Shirts are back in stock!
Order yours now:

10  Tunes / Production / Technical / Future Sicknes: Lowroller [SICK021 vinyl/digital out now!] on: June 05, 2015, 11:11:51 PM
Future Sicknes: Lowroller [SICK021‬] out now on vinyl & digital!

After 4 years, Lowroller comes back on Future Sickness with his renewed vision of Crossbreed.
In this latest installment, Hardcore and Drum & Bass stand in perfect balance creating unexpected combinations.
Despite the dark nature of this release, it already received support from both underground and mainstream deejays like Evil Activities, Hellsystem, Negative A, Ruffneck, Miss K8 and more.
With "Heartless Machine" and "Dreams Of Violence" Lowroller pushed his sonics to the limit alternating disturbing atmospheres with insane dance floor drops, engaging with the crowd in brutal mosh pits.
If you are looking for a shot of sickness look no further, we have your fix.

A/ Lowroller - Heartless Machine
B/ Lowroller - Dreams Of Violence

Listen on Soundcloud:

Vinyl shops:
Triple Vision (The Netherlands):
Fuse Records (The Netherlands):
Juno (UK):
Underground Music-The Hard Store (UK):
Decks (Germany): (Germany):
Important-Records (Germany):
Have a Break (Germany): (Germany):
Energyflash/ Technique (Japan):
Breizh Tekshop (France):
Toolbox (France):

Digital shops:
Juno Download:
Ad Noiseam:
Digital :

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11  Tunes / Production / Technical / Nickbee/Displaced Paranormals/Dubtek - Mothman/Obey [IA005] on: September 24, 2014, 04:56:09 AM
Nickbee/Displaced Paranormals/Dubtek - Mothman/Obey [IA005]

Inception:Audio proudly presents:

Starting off with a sample from cult sci-fi hit 'They Live', this collaboration between Dubtek and DP quickly descends into a heavy-hitting bassline and infectious,
minimalist drum patterns. Sure to be a firm club favourite!
Sinister and unsettling, 'MothMan'  combines eerie vocals and shifting alien-type beats. Fans of disturbing sounds will get the most from this killer track.
So look to the skies and let the bass enter your sub-conscious.

01. Nickbee & Displaced Paranormals – MOTHMAN
02. Dubtek & Displaced Paranormals - OBEY

Cat Number - IA005

Buy now


Support us:
12  Tunes / Production / Technical / Future Sickness: Freqax & Ogonek [SICK020] on: June 28, 2014, 09:54:49 AM
Future Sickness: Freqax & Ogonek [SICK020]

A/ Freqax & Ogonek - OMG
B/ Freqax & Ogonek - Fucked Up

ON VINYL AND DIGITAL available here:


You can also listen to the release on: Spotify, Deezer, Youtube & Zvooq!
13  Tunes / The Bassbin / DOSE - Mind the Future LP out now! on: June 03, 2014, 07:33:46 AM
DOSE - Mind the Future LP out now!

2014 is DOSE's year.
Hailing from the broken city of Christchurch and recently relocating to Auckland, DOSE has knuckled down to bring us his long awaited debut LP "MIND THE FUTURE". You might agree its quite an LP too - giving fans and champions of DOSE’s music an exiting and varied platter of his sound from cuts that are driving and energetic to tracks that have a deeper and intimate style.

Since his first release in 2006 DOSE has forged a solid reputation as one of the top solo D&B artists to come out of New Zealand. Consistent releases on a vast spectrum of top Labels including Ram, Renegade Hardware, Shogun Audio and Commercial Suicide combined with DJ sets of exceptional power, depth and quality, DOSE has built a well respected reputation as both a DJ and producer.
Dose’s Mind the Future LP available on both digital and Vinyl formats, with the 2 x 12” vinyl pack having 6 tracks.

Listen here:

Order now:



Also check:
DOSE mix & Interview for KMAG May 2014 - ALL DOSE Mix - 1 Hour

Follow DOSE:

14  Tunes / Mixes / Live sets / Podcasts / Radio Shows / DOSE - Organic Beats Mix April 2014 on: April 16, 2014, 07:41:19 AM
DOSE - Organic Beats Mix April 2014

With his debut LP fast approaching on Commercial Suicide, Dose decimates our speakers with an absolutely disgusting guest mix.

01. Dose - Once Again
02. The Upbeats & Inside Info - Epsilon
03. Fourward - Talk To Me VIP
04. Dose & Teknik ft JabZ MC - No Turning Back
05. Stakka & Skynet - Decoy
06. Dose - What Lies Within VIP
07. Dose - Mind the Future
08. The Upbeats - Corposant
09. Dose - Nowadays
10. Mindscape - Gene Labs (Optiv & BTK Remix)
11. Dose - The Summoning
12. Dose & Victim - Scourge
13. Dose - Somethings Wrong
14. Cern & Maztek - Unknown

Mind the Future LP - Commercial Suicide - May/June 2014

Since his first release in 2006 Dose has forged and cemented a solid reputation as one of the top solo drum and bass artists to come out of New Zealand. Having consistently released his works on a vast spectrum of top Labels such Ram and Renegade and with his dj sets containing a well tasted & delivered selection of original and International content,
Dose has built a well respected reputation as both a Headline DJ and as producer. 2014 will be the year Dose’s debut LP titled “Mind the Future” sees the light of release on Klute’s Commercial Suicide.
With the sampler being released in March and full release set for mid-year this LP will give fans and champions of Dose’s music a broad and varied platter of his sound from driving and energetic to more deep and intimate style.
Dose is a unique talent who holds true to being great example of an underground artist who stands by his sound and his Technique and is embarking on a tour promote his LP across Europe, Uk, New Zealand and Australia from April - July this year.

LP Sampler [SUICIDE077]:

A: Dose feat. Victim - Scourge
B: Dose - Mind The Future


Bookings contact:
UK & Europe:
New Zealand :

15  Tunes / Production / Technical / Future Sickness: Fragz & Deathmachine [SICK019] on: February 16, 2014, 05:43:57 AM
Future Sickness: Fragz & Deathmachine [SICK019]

Future Sickness Records is proud to present his 19th vinyl release featuring Fragz & Deathmachine!
In this release Fragz shows his versatility with this two raging tracks, perfect blend of Drum & Bass with Hardcore!
A-side is "I Got A Story To Tell", you will get hooked up by these energetic vocals and heavy kickdrums, amen breaks
and crazy edits, true banger for sure! B-Side is a collaboration with UK's finest, Deathmachine, called "Necessary Evil"!
Darkness will sore wherever you play it, cinematic ambience in a constant progression, leaving the listeners surprised by
its constant variations and vocals!

01. Deathmachine & Fragz - Necessary Evil
02. Fragz - I Got A Story To Tell

Check the promo video:
Future Sickness Records - SICK019 promo


Get your copy here:

Vinyl Shops:
Triple Vision (The Netherlands):
Juno (UK):
Decks (Germany): (Germany) :

Digital shops:

Download the latest mix on Future Sickness:

Deathmachine promo mix!

01. Switch Technique - Entirely Ruthless (Union Recordings)
02. Donny & Dub Elements - The Evil (PRSPCT Recordings)
03. Sinister Souls & Proton Kid - Danger Time (PRSPCT Recordings)
04. FraGz! - I Got A Story To Tell (Future Sickness Records)
05. Dread - Fatal Steps (Future Sickness Records)
06. Absence - Dark Minded (Future Sickness Records)
07. FraGz! - The Hunger (Future Sickness Records)
08. Hallicinator - Violent Content (Future Sickness Records)
09. Dread - At Crossroad (Future Sickness Records)
10. Limewax - Riget (PRSPCT Recordings)
11. C.A.2K - Matrix (Katharsys remix) (Future Sickness Records)
12. FraGz! & Deathmachine - Necessary Evil (Future Sickness Records)
13. Absence - Destroy (Future Sickness Records)
14. Hallucinator - I Am The Devil (Future Sickness Records)
15. Sinister Souls - Earth Prime (PRSPCT Recordings)
16. Igneon System & Micromakine - Duality (featuring Minckz)(Heresy)
17. FraGz! - Rage Within (Future Sickness Records)
18. Detest - Hedon (Future Sickness Records)

16  Tunes / The Bassbin / Filthcast 040 featuring Breaker on: November 24, 2013, 11:04:22 AM
Filthcast 040 featuring Breaker

01. Donny - Ten Tonne Hammer (Katharsys VIP)
02. Katharsys - Global Freezing
03. Current Value - Overclock (Nanotek VIP)
04. Counterstrike & Nphonix - Maverick
05. Black Sun Empire - Dawn of a Dark Day feat. Foreign Beggars (Receptor Remix)
06. Technical Itch & Dylan - The Fountain of Youth
07. Spor - Dante's Inferno
08. Technical Itch vs The Panacea - The Semisation 2013
09. SPL - Realize
10. Counterstrike - Empire (Audio Remix)
11. Rockwell - Detroit
12. Katharsys - Iron Sky
13. Limewax - 666 vs Cracking Core (Munchi's 777 Remix)
14. Numek & Drumcorps - Reactor Core vs. Down (Munchi's Fire Extinguisher Remix)
15. Gein - Telepathy (Breaker Remix)

Limited Edition Filthcast T-Shirts are now available to Pre-order on the Barcode Recordings web store! Go go go! Wink

17  Tunes / The Bassbin / Gancher & Ruin / C.A.2K / Damage Inc [SICK018] on: November 24, 2013, 10:50:05 AM
Gancher & Ruin / C.A.2K / Damage Inc [SICK018]

Future Sickness Records is proud to present his 18th vinyl release featuring Gancher & Ruin, C.A.2.k and Damage Inc!
For this release we have an amazing collab tune between Gancher & Ruin and C.A.2K and a remix Gancher and Ruin did of one of the Damage Inc tunes (original previously released on digital). To top that we added a 3rd special VIP tune Damage Inc did from one of their own tunes. All the tunes have been played a lot in the clubs by several big producers and dj's in the scene. These tracks are solid dancefloor smashers! Brutal drum and bass in combination with some hardcore driven vibes and a big bad bass. Ready to drop and deliver on any dancefloor.
Not convinced? Listen to the previews and you know that this is another smash record from Future Sickness Records!

A1/ Gancher & Ruin, C.A.2K - Uncro
B1/ Damage Inc - Connect The Cuts (Gancher & Ruin Remix)
B2/ Damage Inc - Connect The Cuts VIP


Order vinyl:
Triple Vision:

Get digital:
18  Tunes / Production / Technical / Inception Audio releases new vinyl with free CD! on: October 10, 2013, 10:18:48 AM
Inception Audio releases new vinyl with free CD!

The latest release from two drum 'n bass powerhouses is a slice of minimalist neurofunk designed for the dancefloor. A subtle rolling drum pattern eventually gives way to a distorted voice sample and menacing midlines which will shake the foundations of any club it's played in. The AA side is another neurofunk classic but with a more epic, movie-like feel. Soothing Eastern strings effortlessly transition into a more sinister sounding piece, complete with sparse drums and squelchy bass stabs. A very eclectic track!

Artist: Bredren & Displaced Paranormals
Label: Inception Audio
Cat. No.: IA004
Release Date: 07.10.2013
Type: Vinyl

01. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Stop & Turn

02. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Celestial

Complimenting the 12 inch is an exclusive CD of previous Inception Audio releases. Including tracks by various Inception artists and two bonus alien tunes never heard on this earth!

Don't miss out on this amazing deal and order your copy now.

Triple Vision

Chemical Records





You now stand on the brink of greatness. For two years, Planet IA has been working in the shadows - two years of slow gestation, waiting to transmit our messages from beyond the veil of reality and down to mother earth. Do not be afraid of these messages. Just listen and let them enter your mind. Total submission is only natural. Each message brings the promise of something new - new experiences, new desires, and new frontiers. The black planet of IA is daunting, but if you embrace its darkness then we can accomplish wonders. All you need to do is listen. And as each one of our messengers is heard, you will reach states unheard of. This compilation is our herald.
The black planet is coming!

01. Data & Alvarez - Resist
02. Data & Alvarez - Talk Dirty
03. Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek - Lifeforms
04. Overlook - Lusca
05. Sunchase - Identify
06. Sunchase - Hooksworld
07. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Stop & Turn
08. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Celestial
09. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Black Octopus (Bonus Track)
10. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals – Direction (Bonus Track)

Enjoy and download the "DON`T FEAR THE BLACK PLANET (Album Mini Mix)"
19  Tunes / Mixes / Live sets / Podcasts / Radio Shows / Donny & Forbidden Society B2B @ Cross Club, Prague, 13.09.13 on: October 10, 2013, 09:51:08 AM
Donny & Forbidden Society B2B @ Cross Club, Prague, 13.09.13


01. Forbidden Society - Cobra
02. Donny & Audio - Horribly Ribbed VIP
03. Current Value - Ghost Rider
04. Killer Industries - Ramon
05. Killer Industries - Jaguar
06. Donny - Resistance
07. Cooh - Stun Gun
08. Forbidden Society - Bodycount
09. Forbidden Society - War Ensemble ( Fragz & C - Netik Remix )
10. Donny - Symptomless Coma ( Counterstrike Duomix )
11. Katharsys - Nothing Left
12. Forbidden Society - Cobra ( Katharsys Remix )
13. Receptor - Punks
14. Usual Suspects - Killa Bee's ( Inside Info Remix )
15. Donny - Crawler VIP
16. Audio - Burn It Down
17. Forbidden Society - Heavy Metal Tank
18. Goldberg Variations - Dorksided
19. Current Value - Crusader
20. Counterstrike & Forbidden Society - Extreme ( Current Value Remix )
21. Donny - Your World VIP
22. Katharsys - Life Is A Bitch
23. Hallucinator - I Am Devil
24. Killer Industries - Side Kick
25. Current Value - Tunnel Vision ( Donny Remix )
26. C4C - Hammerhouse ( Inside Info Remix )
27. Forbidden Society & Smack - Nezkousej Nas Nasrat
28. C4C - Control Freak ( Task Horizon Remix )
29. Katharsys - Last Will
30. Optiv & CZA - Back to the Future
31. The Bloody Beetroots feat. Refused - New Noise ( FS HYPE UP )
32. Counterstrike & Dean Rodell - Headbanger
33. Donny - Ten Tonne Terrible ( Silent Killer & Breaker Duo Mix )
34. Katharsys - Ghost
35. Forbidden Society - Circle Pit VIP
36. Current Value - T 350
37. Counterstrike & Gein - Pentagram VIP


Check out the new Barcode Recordings web store:

Stocked with limited edition Donny & Barcode T-shirts and classic Barcode back catalog vinyl & CD's at discounted prices!

Follow Barcode:

Follow Donny:

20  Tunes / Production / Technical / Detest - Hedon/Every Second [SICK017] on: July 20, 2013, 09:33:03 AM
Detest - Hedon/Every Second [SICK017]

Future Sickness Records presents his 17th vinyl release. This time Future Sickness welcomes Detest to the family! This record represents the whole range of typical Detest sound in two tracks. Dark, raw, varied , straight and always mixed with breaks. Both tracks possess melodies, atmospheric synths, deep basslines, flogging snares and a package full of sick kickdrums. They are still 2 complete different crossbreed tracks. The sound quality of the tracks are clear, loud and dominant. No doubt one of the best works of detest yet. This release is an instant dancefloor banger!

A/ Detest - Hedon
B/ Detest - Every Second

Out now!

Listen here:


Future Sickness- Spookane Bankizz podcast


1. Damage Inc - Connect The Cuts (Gancher & Ruin Remix) (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
> Damage Inc - Connect The Cuts VIP (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
2. Detest - Every Second (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
3. Absence - Dark Minded (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
4. Fortitude & Terror Cell - Proxima Centauri (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
5. C.A.2K - Excavator (Future Sickness)
6. Freqax & Ogonek - OMG (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
7. The Outside Agency - Tesla (Future Sickness)
8. Gancher & Ruin & C.A.2K - Uncro (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
9. Absence - Destroy (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
10. Dj Hidden - Einstein (Future Sickness)
11. Freqax - Lies And Blood (Algorythm Recordings)
12. Detest - Hedon (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
21  Tunes / Production / Technical / [FREE] Concord Dawn - Numbers Will Kill Us All EP on: July 02, 2013, 12:48:24 AM
[FREE] Concord Dawn - Numbers Will Kill Us All EP

Concord Dawn is sharing the new EP Numbers Will Kill Us All for FREE!!

01. Concord Dawn - Havok
Concord Dawn - Havok [FREE DOWNLOAD]

02. Concord Dawn - The Imposter
Concord Dawn - The Imposter [FREE DOWNLOAD]

03. Concord Dawn - Codename Javelin
Concord Dawn - Codename Javelin [FREE DOWNLOAD]

04. Concord Dawn - Hedlock (feat. MC Woody)
Concord Dawn - Hemlock (feat. MC Woody) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

05. Concord Dawn - Amnesia
Concord Dawn - Amnesia [FREE DOWNLOAD]

06. Concord Dawn - Ghost Rock
Concord Dawn - Ghost Rock [FREE DOWNLOAD]

07. Concord Dawn - Warehouse
Concord Dawn - Warehouse [FREE DOWNLOAD]


download here:

Follow Concord Dawn:

22  Tunes / Production / Technical / Climate Records returns with Stereotype EP on: June 02, 2013, 10:16:14 AM
Climate Records returns with Stereotype EP

Ermak Gordey better known as Stereotype started his musical career in 2006. Originally producing techno, Drum and Bass has become a way of life for this Ukrainian producer.
With releases on Icarus Audio, Celsius and Fokus recordings Stereotype is a rising star in the neurofunk scene and is defiantly someone to keep a close eye on in the future.
The Stereotype EP was originally scheduled to be a single but with 4 great tracks it made the decision so difficult we decided to release an EP. 

Artist: Stereotype
Album: Stereotype EP
Label: Climate Records
Cat. No: CLIMATE010D
Release date: 27.05.2013

01. Stereotype - Blick
02. Stereotype - Space Opera
03. Stereotype - Backbeat
04. Stereotype - Reality (feat. MC Temper)

Buy now:

Listen here:
Stereotype - Blick [CLIMATE010D]
Stereotype - Space Opera [CLIMATE010D]
Stereotype - Backbeat [CLIMATE010D]
Stereotype - Reality (feat MC Temper) [CLIMATE010D]

23  Tunes / Production / Technical / Kitech / Sleeper Cell / Masheen [CAUDIO001] on: May 25, 2013, 05:38:48 AM
Kitech / Sleeper Cell / Masheen [CAUDIO001]

Contaminated Recordings are back!

Contaminated are back with the launch of their new sister label Contaminated Audio. A new digital label concentrating on pushing good new music into the scene will see releases from label head honchos Masheen and Sleeper Cell and also an array of other artists focused on pushing forward thinking Drum & Bass.

The first release see’s Sleeper cell team up with Kitech on a dark, tasty, rolling tip while the flip side comes courtesy of Masheen with a synth fuelled hard hitter.

Label: Contaminated Audio
Cat.No.: CAUDIO001

[A] Kitech & Sleeper Cell -Transmutation
[AA] Masheen - Exponential



24  Tunes / Production / Technical / Free tunes from N.Phect / Gridlok / Cern and more! on: May 12, 2013, 10:18:15 AM
Here we go, three great tunes for FREE!!

N.Phect - Mosaic
N.Phect - Mosaic [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Gridlok - Radar (State Of Mind Remix)
Gridlok - Radar (State Of Mind Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Cern - Nerve Ending
Cern - Nerve Ending [FREE DOWNLOAD]

enjoy and subscribe for more Smiley
25  Tunes / The Bassbin / Inception Audio: Sunchase - Hooksworld / Identify [IA003] on: April 29, 2013, 03:01:19 AM
Inception Audio: Sunchase - Hooksworld / Identify [IA003]

The mighty Sunchase smacks it out of the park with another legendary release. Hooksworld initially builds up with low, suggestive bass-line and textures from another world. However, the quiet is destroyed with sickening bass and an addictive drum pattern. This is a tune designed to get under your skin.
The AA side with Identify is a dark, unstoppable piece of drum 'n bass made for the hardcore faithful. High-pitched textures quickly give way to a grinding bass-line and Shuffling drums, while stabs and echoes punctuate the track until its high-octane conclusion. Not for the faint hearted!


A: Sunchase - Hooksworld

AA: Sunchase - Identify

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26  Tunes / Production / Technical / The Upbeats & Noisia - Clamber [Free Download] on: March 31, 2013, 09:27:06 AM
The Upbeats & Noisia - Clamber

The Upbeats & Noisia - Clamber [FREE DOWNLOAD]

From the new Alone EP!
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27  Tunes / The Bassbin / Future Sickness: DJ Hidden / The Outside Agency [SICK016] on: March 24, 2013, 03:36:52 AM
Future Sickness Records presents:

Radical and innovative are words often used to describe both Einstein and Tesla, two of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. These words can also be used to describe the two songs that bear their names featured on this Future Sickness release. Paying homage to these masters are two brand new Crossbreed tracks from an inventor in his own right.
Using both this personal alias and The Outside Agency one, DJ Hidden presents you with his own theory of relativity, which is bound to break any type of barrier. Get ready for some tachyonic breakbeats and space-time bending kickdrums with these two brand new tracks that will rewrite all laws of dancefloor physics.

Catalogue Number: SICK016
Release date: 18.03.2013

A: DJ Hidden - Einstein
B: The Outside Agency - Tesla

Out now on vinyl!

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28  Tunes / Production / Technical / Inception:Audio: Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek / Overlook [IA002] on: January 26, 2013, 11:49:38 AM
Inception:Audio: Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek / Overlook [IA002]

The exclusive new tune from Displaced Paranormals and Dubtek is a slice of intergalactic funk with a sci-fi theme. An intro of eerie texture and sounds swiftly give way to a squelchy bassline and an unstoppable hardstep riddim. Be sure to listen all the way to the end for a hidden message!
Inspired by the greatest science fiction films of all time, Lusca is a journey into a dark and threatening soundscape. Disturbing textures overlaid with ominous samples is accompanied by thudding bass stabs and minimal yet infectious drum patterns. A slow burner, Lusca eventually builds to a crescendo until the sonic pressure is finally released.

Label: Inception:Audio
Cat. No.: IA002
Type: Vinyl & Digital

01. Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek - Lifeforms
02. Overlook - Lusca


Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek - Lifeforms

Overlook - Lusca


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29  Tunes / Production / Technical / Flatwoods Creative: End.User/Patrick Currier/Bonk [FW003] on: January 05, 2013, 11:28:50 AM
Flatwoods Creative: End.User/Patrick Currier/Bonk [FW003]

End.user's first appearance on Oakland, California's Flatwoods is Pressure an intricately edited collab with Patrick Currier.
On the flip is a remix of a bonk's Sound Healer from the first Flatwood's release. Both tunes are very heavy, full of drum edits and quite interesting.

01. Bonk - Sound Healer (End.User Remix)
Bonk - Sound Healer (End.User Remix) [FW003]

02. End.User & Patrick Currier - Pressure
End.User & Patrick Currier - Pressure [FW003]

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30  Tunes / The Bassbin / Survival & Silent Witness - Immortal (FREE D/L) on: December 11, 2012, 09:22:45 AM
Wiz deliverz:

Survival & Silent Witness - Immortal
Survival & Silent Witness - Immortal [FREE DOWNLOAD]
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